Further Education – From a Businessman to an Accountant


A profession for which there is no vocational training? What sounds unimaginable at first seems to apply to the bookkeeper’s work. So there is no recognized vocational training that leads to this profession. In a roundabout way to such a career? That’s fine! The business of an accountant closest comes here to a commercial education. After all, those who have already gained initial experience in bookkeeping as a merchant have created an important prerequisite for employment as an accountant.

Qualify for a job in accounting


However, as the knowledge acquired by industrial or office clerks within their professional education usually does not go beyond basic accounting knowledge, prospective accountants must acquire the necessary knowledge through continuing education. In addition to a further education as an accountant , further education as an accountant is also a popular alternative. However, if you want to work as an accountant, you should already have sufficient experience in accounting. A further education in the balance sheet accounting is therefore particularly suitable for professionals who have already completed a further education as an accountant and are interested in a leading position in balance sheet accounting in addition to pure non-fiction.

Also in times of crisis asked

Also in times of crisis asked

Whether book or balance sheet accounting – the need for specialist personnel in the field of accounting is great. If accountants are constantly needed in companies because of the constant need, then a bookkeeping function promises a crisis-proof job. For those who do not want to be employed as an employee in industry or craft, but want to enjoy the benefits of self-employment, there is still the possibility of starting a business. Freelance work in this field of activity is a popular alternative to permanent employment.

Learn the profession in distance learning

Learn the profession in distance learning

Further education as a (bookkeeper) accountant is particularly suitable for working people who already had experience in accounting or who are in the commercial sector and would like to qualify for employment in the accounting department. Since those interested are rarely newcomers, training in this area is often offered as distance learning. In this way, professional activity and / or family can be combined with training if the time is flexible.

Information about the financial education:

  • Further training information and offers can be found at www.akademiezentrum.de .
  • www.spasslerndenk.de offers a quick learning system that supports trainees on the way to (technical) business or business management as well as HR specialist and thus leads them faster to the IHK diploma.


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