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Invalescoinvest is happy to announce that it is now possible to compare loan companies in Denmark easily and clearly through our new overviews. This means that you can see all the relevant loan conditions and requirements for all the leading providers.

It can be loan limits, maturities, age requirements, response times and much more. In this way, everyone can get an overview of the possibilities and you can search with those who match your needs. It is different if the response time, interest rate or loan amount is the most important thing for you. With our new comparison listings, all preferences are taken into account.

Overview of loan companies 


Overview of loan companies in Denmark

It is certainly not easy to overlook all loan companies in Denmark and certainly not when one has to take into account their many differences. We have therefore gathered all the necessary information in our overview to help you get started as a consumer.

You can see examples of the two types of overviews, under our page on quick loans and page on mine loans without security . Here you will find there are different providers, as it is very different what amounts the companies offer.

If you are looking for loans up to DKK 5,000, you should apply to some providers. If you lack more money, other companies can help you. It is simply and we present comparison charts no matter what type of loan you want to make online.

All you have to wonder about is getting more offers so you end up with the cheapest solution. There can be many thousands of dollars in difference, on the cheapest and most expensive solution.

Faster route to cheap deals

We strongly believe that price comparison is the way to lower prices and interest rates. We therefore hope that our new overviews will give you a faster road, at the cheapest deals and lowest APR percentages . It is, well, the purpose of obtaining more offers.

If you have feedback or comments, we would love to hear them. Otherwise, we wish all our users Merry Christmas.

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