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House Bill to Accelerate Airport Projects Headed to President’s Office

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A bill introduced in the House by U.S. Representative Sam Graves (R-MO), Ranking Member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, and Garret Graves (R-LA), Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on aviation, is heading to President Joe Biden’s office to be signed into law.

The Accelerated Airport Infrastructure Delivery Act of 2021 would give public agencies and other entities the ability to use Airport Improvement Program (AIP) funds as incentive payments for the early completion of AIP projects. Incentive payments would be for the planning, development and execution of infrastructure projects such as runways and taxiways.

“This smart, proven reform is already being used for building roads and bridges, and it just makes sense to make this same incentive tool available for building aviation infrastructure projects,” said Rep. Sam Graves. . “Delivering airport projects earlier than planned will save money and essentially have a similar impact to increasing investment without requiring additional federal resources.”

The bill passed the Senate on Wednesday and is now heading to the president’s desk for his signature.

“This bill will help change the way we facilitate the construction of airports. Every day an airport project is not completed, project costs increase and opportunities for economic activity through tourism and business development are missed. Whether you are traveling for leisure or work, this bill will ensure projects are delivered on time and at a lower cost and will complement the millions in funding we have secured for Louisiana airports over the past few years,” said Representative Garret Graves.