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Internal bill to make long-time government casual workers eligible for public service – Manila Bulletin

Here’s potential good news for long-time government casual workers.

BH Party-list Rep. Bernadette Herrera

Bernadette Herrera, Deputy House Minority Leader and representative of the Bagong Henerasyon (BH) party list, tabled a measure that, if enacted, would grant automatic eligibility to public office for long-time casual workers of State.

Covered by Herrera’s Bill 1387, are government employees in casual or contract positions at the first and second levels who have rendered at least five consecutive years of government service.

She said the purpose of her bill is to reduce the contracting out of labor in government.

“The government should lead by example as a good employer by aiming to end the contracting out of labour, also known as end of contract or endo, in the bureaucracy. It can start by granting civil service eligibility to skilled casual or contract workers who cannot seek regular employment because they are not eligible for public service,” she pointed out.

Herrera said the granting of regular status will serve “as an incentive to work more productively, to invest in one’s work, and to take a longer-term view of one’s career advancement.”

“In view of the services they extend in all government offices vis-à-vis the insufficient benefits and privileges given to casual and contract employees, the government should grant those dedicated employees who have rendered efficient service in the bureaucracy the possibility of obtaining their eligibility for public office,” added the veteran legislator.

Data from the Civil Service Commission (CSC) showed that in 2017 there were about 2.4 million state workers, making the government the largest employer in the country. Of this number, more than 660,000 were hired as casual or contract workers.

However, the bill specifies that the employees concerned “will not be entitled to any promotion unless they obtain the appropriate eligibility conditions for this position”.