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Missouri Governor Parson signs House Bill 3007, Missouri at

ST. LOUIS, July 15 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Missouri Governor Mike Parson participated in a bill signing ceremony Thursday with the API Innovation Center (APIIC) @ Cortex for House Bill (HB) 3007. The bill signing ceremony law took effect on July 1, approving a $15 million grant for advanced manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and semiconductor computer chips. Passage of this bill demonstrates Missouri’s commitment to leading innovation in biosciences, healthcare, and advanced manufacturing and to fostering job growth and economic development across the country. State.

Grants outlined in HB 3007 from the Missouri Technology Investment Fund will help fund state efforts to bolster domestic semiconductor production and lead API relocation. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), approximately 78% of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturers are located outside of the United States. This state legislation combats the risk to public health and national security caused by the country’s overreliance on manufacturers.

“This investment in advanced manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients and semiconductor computer chips will help strengthen our national supply chains and create quality jobs right here in Missouri,” Governor Mike Parson said. “One of the biggest lessons we’ve learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing supply chain crisis is our overreliance on foreign manufacturing. Missouri is a leader leaders in biosciences, health care and advanced manufacturing, and when we find ourselves in the next crisis, the last thing we want to do is rely on other countries for the goods we can produce – and produce better – right here in Missouri.”

United States Pharmacopeia (USP) has identified Missouri as the top country in the nation with the most API manufacturers producing essential medicines, positioning it as the ideal place to activate the process of relocating APIs to the United States [email protected] is a non-profit organization currently working in the API sector in Missouri to strengthen American pharmaceutical manufacturing. Their initiative is to make Missouri the nation’s hub for domestic API production, which will result in a secure supply chain of essential medicines in the United States.

[email protected] is proud to partner with the Governor and State of Missouri to strengthen drug API manufacturing in the United States,” said Tony Sardella, CEO and President, [email protected] . “The Center’s efforts to drive the adoption of innovative and advanced manufacturing capabilities will help strengthen our country’s health security, reduce drug shortages and production costs while accelerating time to market.”

Cortex President and CEO Sam Fiorello said, “APIIC @ Cortex brings together industry experts to advance new technologies and make the United States safer by having greater control over our manufacturing of medications. Beyond that, [email protected] will drive diversity in our bioscience innovation ecosystem. by creating quality jobs accessible to residents of our region. We welcome APIIC @ Cortex to the District and look forward to partnering with them for a growing, diverse and equitable regional economy. »

[email protected]’s initial project is to secure a US-produced API source for lomustine, a chemotherapy drug used to treat glioblastoma, an aggressive brain cancer. There is currently no US source of lomustine, and recently the sole manufacturer of the drug dramatically increased its price, making clinical trials prohibitively expensive. In 2021, the manufacturer also withdrew from the federal Medicare patient discount program, leaving many patients struggling to afford treatment. According to the Society for Neuro-Oncology, “the field of neuro-oncology is in the midst of a crisis with lomustine.” This crisis is being solved by [email protected] in collaboration with the Glioblastoma Foundation, a non-profit organization that will develop lomustine and make it more affordable and accessible to glioblastoma patients who need it most. Lomustine will be manufactured using continuous flow manufacturing, an advanced drug manufacturing process developed by Continuity Pharma that is more efficient than decades-old batch manufacturing. The continuous-flow manufacturing process can dramatically improve drug quality, address critical drug shortages, speed time to market, and strengthen the overall competitiveness of manufacturing in the United States.

“The Glioblastoma Foundation is proud to be part of this initiative to make Lomustine more accessible and affordable for glioblastoma patients. We are grateful to our partners at Continuity Pharma for sharing our commitment to providing this drug to people who need it. need without excessive price because no one should ever have to give up their chance at life because of money,” said Gita Kwatra, PharmD and CEO of the Glioblastoma Foundation.

[email protected] has facilitated partnerships with key players, such as the Glioblastoma Foundation; Continuity Pharma; Emerson, Experitec and Mallinckrodt Specialty Generics, to create a sustainable network for US production of lomustine and other critical drugs.

Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry President and CEO Daniel Mehan said, “There are strong national security and economic arguments right now about the need to outsource high-tech manufacturing. technology. As these industrial functions seek to expand in the United States, we believe Missouri – a leading state for tech manufacturing growth – stands to benefit. Bringing these critical investments to Missouri will benefit all industries and impact our economy for decades to come. We greatly appreciate Governor Mike Parson and the leaders of the Missouri General Assembly for helping position our state for this opportunity.”

Brewer Science, headquartered in Rolla, Missouri, is a global technology industry leader, particularly in the development and manufacture of next-generation materials and processes that enable advanced technologies, including including semiconductor computer chips.

Brewer Science Executive Vice President Dan Brewer said, “Brewer Science is living proof that Missouri is more than ready to be a hub for innovation in the semiconductor industry. pipeline and significant cost advantages that benefit all industries in our state. With these critical new investments, Missouri is poised and ready to be a national leader in domestic semiconductor production. We are grateful for the leadership of Governor Mike Parson and everyone in the Missouri General Assembly who has stood up for our growing industry.”

To learn more about [email protected] and its commitment to reducing risk and protecting the country’s API supply chain, visit: or contact [email protected] For more information about Brewer Science and its work in technology innovation and the semiconductor industry, visit:

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Image 1: Missouri Governor Mike Parson signs House Bill 3007 at the API Innovation Center @ Cortex Event

Missouri Governor Mike Parson signs House Bill 3007, approving a $15 million grant for advanced manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and semiconductor computer chips.

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  • Missouri Governor Mike Parson Signs House Bill 3007 at API Innovation Center @ Cortex Event