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Transcript of Pelosi’s remarks during the signing of the White House CHIPS and Science Act bill

Washington, DC – Speaker Nancy Pelosi joined President Joe Biden, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo and a bipartisan group of members of Congress on the South Lawn of the White House for the signing of the CHIPS and Science Act bill. Below are the President’s remarks:

President Pelosi. Mister President. Today, Mr. President, with the stroke of a pen, America declares our economic independence. We are strengthening our national security. And we are improving the financial future of our families. Mr. President, thank you for your visionary and inspiring leadership in bringing us together today to ensure that America is better equipped than ever to compete and win the 21st century.

I thank –


I thank Secretary Raimondo for your brilliant persistence in pushing this legislation forward. Thank you, Secretary Raimondo.


That the CHIPS and Science Act was passed with bipartisan support is a tribute to Leader Schumer. Thank you, Leader Schumer, to his colleagues in the Senate, as he indicated, and to our colleagues in the House of Representatives, whom I want to thank. But thank you once again to the Senate. Thanks Chuck Schumer.


And thank you for getting us all off to a great start this week, again, with the inflation legislation.

Thank you to our many committee chairs and committee members. I want to thank Eddie Bernice Johnson, Frank Pallone, Richie Neal, Greg Meeks, Bobby Scott, the other chairs and vice chairs and subcommittee chairs, and all of our members. And I join the leader – and he knows how, in fact, our staff have been inspired in their work, in their endurance, in their intelligence – and I also want to thank our staff on the House side. Thanks to the staff.


Through the leadership of everyone, we have obtained the tools the administration needs to identify, develop and recruit the best minds in our country – creating an inclusive STEM workforce and fostering innovation in every corner. from America. Mr. Speaker, this honors your commitment to inclusion, diversity and equity.

It offers breakthrough investments to spur decades of discovery, especially at the National Science Foundation. Indeed, the new Technology, Innovation and Partnerships Directorate will harness new knowledge and innovation to help solve our greatest challenges, including the climate crisis and the inequalities in our economy.

We all fought for strong guardrails for CHIPS funding, to keep the benefits on our shores and keep out the profiteers.


This is a Make it in America bill. Do it in America, as Steny Hoyer would say.

Let’s thank the countless advocates, like Joshua Aviv who is here, who have proven that outside mobilization can bring about change. We thank the many accomplished scientists and students from across the country who have worked closely with President Eddie Bernice Johnson. And we thank the private sector partners who are essential to our economic success, many of whom are here today.

Indeed, because of the accomplishments of everyone here, the CHIPS and Science Act is a historic achievement – ​​reducing kitchen table costs and creating well-paying jobs for American families. This is our first responsibility, at the national level. Bring US semiconductor production back to world leadership status. And unleash American science and technology to maintain our leadership for the future.

For generations, America has been a beacon of excellence for the world in science, innovation and engineering. Our research generates groundbreaking discoveries. Our industry has generated unprecedented prosperity. Our technology has changed the course of history. And our workforce is the envy of the world – and we thank our hardworking friends who are here today to be the envy of the world.


This legislation is in keeping with that all-American tradition, ensuring that our nation can outperform any nation in the world.


Under President Biden, our beacon of excellence will shine for generations to come. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.


And thank you all. God bless America. He really did it with the leadership that made all this great legislation possible, under the leadership of President Biden. So thank you all.

I am very, very proud. It’s an exciting day. We talked about it all over the country, all over the world. People are just in awe of the accomplishment it represents, because it’s science, science, science, and science. Jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs. Health care and everything science leads to. Science is an answer to our prayers. CHIPS and Science are doubly an answer to our prayers.

And with that, it is my great honor to introduce to you the Secretary of Commerce. Like I said, his persistent genius was instrumental in bringing people together, setting essential priorities, and understanding what we needed to do in such a special way. And of course, I’m very proud that she’s an Italian-American Secretary of Commerce.


Secretary Raimondo.