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Transporting Without a License: Everything Cass County Residents Need to Know About Bill 1296 | New

As of Friday, the Hoosiers are no longer required to obtain a license to carry a handgun.

House Bill 1296, which passed in March of this year and took effect July 1, repealed sections of Indiana’s code that require Indiana residents to obtain handgun licenses. .

Proponents of the carrying without a license law say it is a significant extension of gun rights. They say it protects the privacy of legal gun owners by removing application and fingerprinting requirements to receive a license.

Mason Shafer, a certified gunsmith and Logansport native, said he was celebrating the passage of House Bill 1296.

“It makes sense that all responsible, law-abiding citizens do not have to jump hurdles to exercise the rights to which they are always entitled,” he said.

Shafer mentioned that it is still illegal for some people to carry guns and stressed the importance of gun safety. He said people should always assume a gun is loaded, keep their fingers on the trigger unless they’re firing, point firearms in a safe direction, and know what’s beyond their reach. target.

“I and others within the firearms industry in Indiana are thrilled to see that our fellow Hoosiers have no additional hurdles to enter the world of self defense with a gun. firearm than the cost of said firearm, appropriate holster and ammunition,” he said.

However, some state law enforcement officials, such as Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter, have opposed the law because they say it could endanger l law enforcement and make it harder to determine if someone is in possession of a firearm illegally.

Local law enforcement said their procedures would not change dramatically due to the unlicensed transport.

“There are a few things like we can’t arrest someone just because they have a gun on them,” Logansport Police Department Chief Travis Yike said. “We have not changed any of our (standard operating procedures) or how we will interact with the public based on this House bill.”

Yike encouraged Logansport residents to learn about the new law and get training if they plan to carry a gun.

“Go on the internet and read what the law says,” he said. “I think law-abiding citizens are going to do what it takes to carry a gun.”

Cass County Sheriff Ed Schroder said his deputies have been notified of any potential changes they may encounter due to the new law.

“We had a legal update class for our deputies this week, which included a great information section on the Unlicensed Transportation Act,” Schroder said. “It was conducted by our legal assistant and attorney who is hired to provide training and advice to the sheriff’s office. Other than that, nothing in our process really changes.

Schroder also encouraged Cass County residents to look into the law to make sure they fully understand it.

“I think the important thing for people to realize is that, just because we’re moving into what some people call constitutional carrying or carrying without a license, doesn’t mean it’s legal for everyone to carry an unlicensed handgun in Indiana,” he said.

The law clarifies that it does not give every Indiana resident the ability to carry a handgun without a license. Individuals must be US citizens over the age of 18 and cannot be subject to a protective order, convicted of domestic violence, domestic assault or harassment, charged with a felony or be convicted of a state or federal felony punishable by at least one year incarceration.

There are also restrictions for people who have been committed to a mental institution, declared dangerous under Indiana’s code, or dishonorably discharged from the military or National Guard.

According to the Indiana State Police, anyone concerned about meeting the requirements for transportation without a license can speak to an attorney or apply for a permit. Five-year and lifetime firearms licenses are free and allow the ISP to help residents determine if they are permitted to carry firearms.

If someone decides to transport without a permit, he must know where he is authorized to transport. They should research the laws in other states if they plan to travel with a handgun and apply for the appropriate permit if necessary.

Additionally, businesses and private properties in Indiana may ban firearms on the premises, and it is always illegal to carry firearms on school property.

“Just because you can now carry a handgun without a license doesn’t mean you have to meet certain criteria and that doesn’t make it free for everyone in business,” Schroder said.

“…I think exceptions are always important. Businesses can say no to guns. They can restrict this movement within their company. And in schools, we shouldn’t see people carrying guns at sporting events and school events. It didn’t change that.